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Marrying Technology and Mining

Mines Are Made – Not Found… and Bayhorse Silver Inc. Is Making a Silver Mine.

Bayhorse Silver Inc., founded in 2004., is transitioning to become a silver mining company with it’s Bayhorse Silver mine in Oregon and it’s Bridging the Gap silver project in Idaho’s highly prolific Silver Valley. The company has a highly experienced team of mining engineers and geologists, and is preparing the on-site crushing plant for commencement of processing run-of-mine material. The company is marrying advanced technology with standard mining techniques to promote environmentally friendly and low cost mining.

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Where Do We Trade

Bayhorse Silver Inc. is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange in Canada under the symbol TSX-V BHS, the Frankfurt Exchange, Germany, under the symbol 7KXN, and in the US under the symbol KXPLF.Canada -TSX-V BHS U.S.- OTC-KXPLF Frankfurt F.7KXN

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Bayhorse Silver CEO Graeme O’Neill – Interview with David Morgan. View Video

Mines Are Made - Not Found - And We Are Making Two Silver Mines