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Marrying Technology and Mining

Mines Are Made – Not Found… and Bayhorse Silver Inc. Is Making a Silver Mine.

Bayhorse Silver Inc., founded in 2004., is transitioning to become a silver mining company with it’s Bayhorse Silver mine in Oregon and it’s Bridging the Gap silver project in Idaho’s highly prolific Silver Valley. The company has a highly experienced team of mining engineers and geologists, and anticipates first production late in the third quarter of 2016. The company is marrying advanced technology with standard mining techniques to promote environmentally friendly and low cost mining.

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Where Do We Trade

Bayhorse Silver Inc. is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange in Canada under the symbol TSX-V BHS, the Frankfurt Exchange, Germany, under the symbol 7KXN, and in the US under the symbol KXPLF.Canada -TSX-V BHS U.S.- OTC-KXPLF Frankfurt F.7KXN

2016-07-09 11.05.30Tim Hunter of HRB viewing run of mine mineralization.

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07/25/16 Bayhorse Silver Receives High Grade Silver Assays From Underground Clean Up Material, Bayhorse Mine.
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07/07/16 Bayhorse Silver Obtains Underground Samples of Historical Mineralization, Bayhorse Mine.
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06/30/16 Bayhorse Silver CEO Increases Shareholding to 19% of Outstanding Shares of Bayhorse.
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07/28/16 Bayhorse Silver Released Select Asssay Results From “Run of Mine” Mineralization Extracted From Its Bayhorse Silver Mine.
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05/16/16 Bayhorse Silver Installing Greenhawks SOLO-Technology at the Bayhorse Silver Mine.
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02/11/16 Bayhorse President Graeme O’Neill in Interview with David Morgan.
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Mines Are Made - Not Found - And We Are Making Two Silver Mines